Do you remember life before the internet?

Do you remember life before the internet?

Life had a slower pace in many respects, with more face-to-face interactions and physical activities involved in daily tasks. It was a very peaceful time, relationships were strong and pure, people had time for friends and family, and there is strong bonding between them. No doubt the Internet provided us with a lot of ease, but it took peace away from our lives

At that time, telephone calls, letters, and face-to-face meetings were the primary ways to stay in touch. Long-distance communication was often slower and more costly.

Libraries, newspapers, and magazines were essential for gathering information. People often spent significant time at public or university libraries to conduct research.

Television, radio, books, and physical games were the main sources of entertainment. That’s why people remain healthy. Video rental stores were popular for watching movies at home.

Shopping was done in physical stores. Mail-order catalogues provided a way to purchase items not available locally.

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