Top 6 Pakistani dramas that have the best story during last five years

Pakistani dramas are one of the most watched dramas in the world. There are many reasons that grab the audience from all over the world to watch Pakistan dramas. Not all dramas are good but there are some phenomenal dramas that have the best story line with best on screen performances that mesmerize the audience. I am a keen watcher of Pakistani dramas. And after watching many dramas I have prepared the list of some Pakistani dramas during the last 5 years that you should watch due to their story. Here is the list.

6. Raqeeb se

Raqeeb se is a romantic drama that was broadcast on HUM TV from 20 junuary to 26th may 2021. There are 23 episodes of drama. The story is about four women and men. In this drama you can see an abusive and toxic relationship of a man and woman due to which a woman runs away with her daughter and tries to seek the help of its former lover. But the story turns around when he refuses to help her and his kind hearted wife helps them. The main lead characters of the story are Nouman Ejaz, Sania Saeed, Hadiqa Kiani(debut), Iqra Aziz, Faryal Mehmood, Hamza Sohail and many others. This drama has a very unique story full of emotions and best on screen performances. The link of this drama is given below

5. Dunk

Dunk is a Pakistani drama that was broadcast on ARY DIGITAL during 23 december 2020 to 7th august 2021. There are 32 episodes of the drama. Dunk is based on the reality of our society and how some incidents can change the life of the person. In this drama a young university girl charges the false allegations of harassment on the professor. Due to this professor commits suicide. The girl put this allegation to hide her relationship with his boyfriend in the same university. All people think that the allegation is true and the family of the professor suffers a lot. This is the story of a real incident in Sargoodha.

Dunk is a story of love, passion and revenge with strong dialogues, suspense and best acting. The main leads of the show are Sana Javed, Bilal Abbas, Yasra Rizvi, Azka Daniel, Fahad Shiekh, Nouman Ejaz (professor role) and many others. The link of this drama is

4. Dobara

Dobara is the story of a 40 year old widow marrying a young 27 year old man. The widow has 2 young kids. This drama was broadcast during 20th oct 2021 to 15 june 2022. The total number of episodes is 33.

In this drama you will see how a young Mehrunisa changes after the death of his husband to whom she got married in her early stage of life. After his death she can feel her breath and decides to live her own independent life. He meets a young guy, they fall in love and decide to marry against all the odds. They face many challenges as our society does not accept the marriage of widows and younger men. This is one of the best drama that reflect the bitter reality of society. All the characters of drama have done an excellent performance. The main characters of drama are Hadiqa Kiani, Bilal Abbas, Sabeena Syed, Zoya Nasir, Usama Khan, Mehreen Siddiqui, Angelina Malik, Javed Sheikh, Nouman Ejaz, and many others.

3. Ehd e Wafa

Ehd e wafa is the story of four college friends and about their hardwork to build the career. This drama was on air on HUM TV under the label of ISPR during 22 sept 2019 to 15th march 2020. The total number of episodes is 25. It was also broadcast on PTV. This drama has one of the highest TRP in Pakistani dramas. The story revolve around the four friends who take admission in Lawrence College Murree and known as SSG( Special S Gang i.e., Saad, Shahzain, Shariq and Shehryar). But their life turned due to an incident and they started hating each other.

After many years they become successful and meet each other. The story is about, friendship, hate, drama, passion, career and hard work of four friends. They all become successful after facing hardships in their life. This drama has a great charm and you will never get bored in a single episode. All the actors have done an excellent job. The story and dialogue of the drama are just perfect. The lead character of drama are Ahad Raza Meer(Captian Saad), Osama Khalid But (Malik Shehzan), Ahmed Ali Akbar ( Shehryar Afzal Assistant Commissioner), Wahaj Ali( Shariq Habib Journalist), Aliza Shah, Zara Noor Abbas, Hummayo Saeed( Special Apperience) and many others. The link of this drama is given below

2. Sang e Mah

Sang e Mah is another classic drama of Pakistani drama industry which was aired during 9 january to 3 july 2022 on HUM TV. The number of episodes of this drama is 26. This drama contains one of the excellent performances of all the characters of the drama. You will see Pakistani rockstar Atif Aslam debut with his phenomenal and talented acting skills.

The story revolves around the character Hilmand(Atif Aslam) whose mother got married second time and he thinks that his step father murdered his father. Alot of depression make him mentally sick. He tries to take the revenge of his father murder. The drama shows the story of Pakhtoon tribe. Hilmand Step father is one of the most respected member of tribe and it was very difficult for him to prove the allegations. The story is very powerful and how all the mysteries from the past are unfolded are beautifully scripted. The excellent performers of the drama are Atif Aslam, Nouman Ejaz, Samiya Mumtaz, Sania Saeed, Zaviyar Nouman Ejaz, Kubra Khan, Hania Amir, Umair Rana, Najiba Faiz etc. The link of drama is given below

1. Parizaad

No doubt this drama can be added as one of the best dramas in the history of Pakistan because of its storyline, performances, dialogues, screenplay and direction. Parizaad premiered on HUM TV during 20th july 2021 to 1st feb 2022.There are 29 episodes of the drama.

It is the story of a boy who was born and raised as a neglected child in the family due to his physical appearance and dark complex. He always faces rejection due to his appearance and financial status. He is very talented but his family, friends, and a girl who he loved rejects him. He faces a lot of challenges that he forget about all the happiness and continues struggling without taking care of his life. His life changes because of his kind nature and an incident changes his life. He becomes a rich man but always feels emptiness.

In this story you will see dramatic changes, emotions, and struggle of a neglected man of society. The performance of Parizaad in this drama is no doubt an award winning performance. All the dialogues and poetry he delivers mesmerize the audience. The main lead of the drama is Ahmed Ali Akbar (Parizaad), Nouman Ejaz, Yumna Ziadi, Ushna Shah, Adeel Afzal, Saboor Ali, Urwa Hocain, Mashal Khan and many others. The link of this drama is given below

There are many other dramas that need praises but in this blog we only consider popular dramas that gain popularity due to their strong script.

Some other dramas Tere Bin, Mere Humsafar, kesi teri khudgharzi, pyar k sadqe, deewangi, khuda or muhabbat, fitoor, rang mehal, and many more have gained best TRP but according to me their script was week and they just drag the episodes to gain TRPs. Also this list is my opinion during the last five years of dramas.

You can also comment to give your list of top 5 dramas of the last five years in Pakistan.